Problema GMAT Verbal 30/07/14 (CR) (>700)

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Problema GMAT Verbal 30/07/14 (CR) (>700)

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Verbal (Critical Reasoning) (>700)

Advocates insist that health savings accounts are an efficient method to reduce medical expenses. However, widespread adoption of these accounts will soon undermine the public’s health. One reason for this is that most people will be reluctant to deplete their accounts to pay for regular preventive examinations, so that in many cases a serious illness will go undetected until it is far advanced. Another reason is that poor people, who will not be able to afford health savings accounts, will no longer receive vaccinations against infectious diseases.

The statements above, if true, most support which of the following?

(A) Wealthy individuals will not be affected negatively by health savings accounts.
(B) Private health insurance will no longer be available.
(C) Most diseases are detected during regular preventive examinations.
(D) Some people without health savings accounts are likely to contract infectious diseases.
(E) The causal relationship between an individual’s health and that person’s medical care has been adequately documented.
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